A new Idea7 Brand

At Idea7 we’re pretty much always making new things or thinking of new things to make. LED Craft is a new brand to contain the things we make that are a bit brighter than the rest.

Start with Night-light and grow…

Our first product in the LED Craft brand is a humble night-light that we designed as a collaborative project with members of The Real Project Foundation. We’ve started simple to get products out by Christmas. These night-lights have swappable decorations so they make great seasonal lights to spice up your home décor anytime, but they’re perfect for Christmas! You can put a “candle” in your window, display your favorite Christmas verse, or even make it a fun activity with our Decorate Your Own version!

A Real Project

The Real Project Foundation is on a mission to encourage and support dynamic learning through no-kidding “real projects.” What’s more real than starting a new business venture with a real product idea?

Stay tuned for some cool new products!

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