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Get a decorative light made for you in the USA.

LED Craft is an Idea7 Brand

Idea7 is a small innovation and manufacturing company that operates primarily out of our small headquarters facility in rural Georgia, USA. We help other companies succeed with technology (industrial automation) and also develop a modest (but growing) number of our own products under various sub-brands.

A “Real Project” for Education

One thing that gets our Idea7 team excited is hands-on education. We’re big fans of RealProject.io and like to partner with students on Real Projects. Full disclosure: Idea7 is also the company that’s helping The Real Project Foundation build their new site, so we’re kind of tooting our own horn here. The point is this, LED Craft is an example of a Real Project. A 14-year-old is responsible for most of the images you see in our product listings and is the “laser-master” that will most likely etch the image on your light. Not just that, but he is also routinely involved in developing and reviewing strategic plans for LED Craft and other brands that he’s interested in developing. This is the type of full-stack educational experience that’s possible while striving, persevering, and growing through a real-life endeavor. Here’s an actual brand, with a real store, making real products, for real customers. LED Craft is just getting warmed up and Idea7 has several more Real Project ventures in the works!

More LED Craft products are on the way!

We’ve started fairly modestly in order to get some products out in time for Christmas. There will be much more to show you soon. Here’s one thing you can count on that we think is very cool: We’re making our first series of LED Craft products MODULAR—so they’ll be swappable and feature a growing set of display options! For example, we’re already designing new bases that hold two or three of the same acrylic inserts. That way you can have one base that holds all your favorite decorations in one neat display—no tangled wires! There’s much more on the horizon after that. We’ll add new products based on popular demand so be sure to let us know what you want to see next!