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Get a decorative light made for you in the USA.

Tons of awesome designs and custom options!

Clear instructions in the box

We’ve taken the time to provide clear instructions on a nice card. This makes it simple to get started quickly. We also made sure it would be EASY for you to find more help online anytime you want.

We also provide support and documentation online!

Just scan the back of your card, or even better, scan the bottom of your light to get the app and see our convenient one-stop documentation and support page! We’re serious about customer support and want to make it SIMPLE for you to get answers and help.

Adjust with Free App!

Free app for iOS and Android!

With the app, you can adjust the color, change the brightness, and even select from over 100 different color-changing patterns!

Find answers.

LED Craft is an Idea7 LLC brand. Idea7 is a small business in Emanuel County, Georgia, USA. To learn more about Idea7 or discover other Idea7 brands, visit the Idea7 Website.

Yes. All of Idea7’s products are designed and made in the USA. We are fans of building a strong manufacturing base in the USA.

We choose parts and material made in the USA when we can, and overseas when we think it’s the best option. We are fans of global free enterprise and we think lots of overseas companies are pretty cool. (We think they’re cool, but we’re still going to play for our home team. Go USA!)

First, definitely check out the support page for the specific light you purchased. You can find it in any of three ways:

  • Scan the QR code on the bottom of your light.
  • Click the documentation link in the product description for the light that you purchased.
  • Click the support link in your account area on this website. (Applicable only if you created an optional account.)

Wait, since we only have one type of light so far, here’s a direct link to the documentation page. Enjoy! 🙂

We’ve been getting the most interest in either larger lights or the ability to display multiple decorative inserts without needing individual power supplies for each one. Since a way to display multiple inserts would allow people to still use their existing inserts, that will be our next step. A larger light will most likely follow shortly after that.

If you’d like anything else, go ahead and reach out to us! We can make pretty much anything and we’d be happy to discuss a quote for exactly what you have in mind.

Yes! If you like, you can choose a preset color when you order.

But wait, there’s more! You can also use a free Android or iOS app to change the color yourself! Just follow the simple instructions that come with your light, or check out our documentation page!

Yes, yes, and yes! You don’t even need to use a remote! (It seems like remotes always get lost, broken, or dead batteries.) Just follow the simple instructions to control your light with your phone! There’s a free Android and iOS app in the official app stores. Find the direct link on our documentation page.

Yes! Custom Text and Images!

For a custom design, just choose “Custom Text” or “Custom Image” and follow the instructions from there. There is an extra charge for the custom setup required, but we only charge that fee once per design in your cart. Hint: You can save a bunch when you order multiple of the same design.

Totally Custom Products!

Not only can we make different designs, if you want a large custom display (fair warning, these can get a bit pricey) we can discuss a custom quote for your own bright idea.

Yes! It should be easy to find, but just in case, here’s the direct link! Get Extra Inserts